About Tuxedo Shoes


Patent Leather

Our designer shoe styles are constructed in high-quality patent leather. The surface of the leather is covered with a flexible, waterproof film so the finish is lustrous and mirror-like - perfect for your formal event.

Of course leather is flexible, durable and only gets more comfortable with wear. A pair of leather tuxedo shoes could very well last you a lifetime.

Synthetic Leather

Many of our most popular shoe styles are made from a synthetic-leather material. Yep, they're pleather. Some may see the term as derogatory but we know from experience that these shoes are an excellent and affordable alternative to leather. The material is lightweight, durable and has an exceptional shine. In short, these shoes look great and are made to last.


We know that comfort is one of your main concerns. Crafted with cushion insoles and non-slip heel cups our tuxedo shoes are designed to be comfortable right from the first wearing.


If you don't know your true shoe size, it's a good idea to find out before you order. The next time you're out stop by a specialty shoe store and have your feet measured by a professional. Make sure to do it in the afternoon or evening since feet tend to swell throughout the day.

Once you know your size, stick to it. Our shoes run true-to-size and ordering a size up for comfort is not a good idea since slipping and chafing in a too-large shoe can be excruciating

All of our shoes are available in standard widths and we offer a large selection of wide widths.

Lace Up or Slip On

Lace ups and slip ons are both classic choices for a tuxedo shoe. If you choose a slip on you'll have a look that's just a bit more formal than a shoe with laces.

Toe Box

The toe box is a style thing. Classic tuxedo shoes have a pointed or round toe while more contemporary designs have a square toe. Either choice is acceptable for any occasion.

Patterns and Textures

Many of our tuxedo shoes feature a pattern or texture such as the cocodile pattern in the Turino Tuxedo Shoes or contemporary texture of the Ostron Tuxedo Shoes.

These style are generally more modern, sometimes off-beat, and are designed to make you stand out ever so subtly.



The obvious choice with a black tuxedo, all of our shoes are available in this standard.

Two Tone


These black and white formal shoes are off beat and a bit flashy. If you're willing to take a risk and have some fun, they're a great choice.


White and Ivory

We offer a small selection of shoes available in white and ivory. These are colors that are reserved for only the most formal occasions.

  • See all shoes available in white.
  • See all shoes available in ivory.