About Tuxedo Vests

When to Wear

Although the cummerbund is the most classic tuxedo gear, the formal vest is accepted as a close-second classic. You'll be comfortable wearing a vest in any formal situation.

Tuxedo Pairing

There aren't many rules here, except you never wear a vest with a double-breasted or shawl collar tuxedo. You'll look sharp pairing a tuxedo vest with any other style from Two Button to Mandarin Collar.


Most of our vests are made from 100% microfiber and what an invention it is! Microfiber is a fine synthetic fiber so it makes for a vest that is lightweight, breathable and washable. So even when you're doing the Chicken Dance at full speed you're going to feel cool. As in, not sweaty. We're not so sure if your wife will think you actually "look cool".

You'll also find vests made in silk and satin. Either choice gives a lustrous sheen and a luxurious feel. This is the ultimate formalwear and there will be no mistaking that you are wearing a high quality piece.


Most of our vests are available in sizes small through 4-XL, that's up to a 61" waist for you big guys. The vests also have adjustable belts so you can fine tune your size and get a sharp, clean fit. Check the individual product pages to find out if the vest you're interested in comes in your size.

Waist Size Vest Size
30-32" Small
33-35" Medium
36-38" Large
39-41" X Large
42-48" 2X Large
49-56" 3X Large - add $25
57-61" 4X Large - add $25


Which tie? No worries, all of our vests come standard with a matching tie so there's no guessing.

Our vests all come with an optional matching pocket square for an additional $10 or $15 depending on the vest. The hankie is a sharp way to tie your look together.

Full Back

Almost every vest we offer comes with a full back which means it's not just attached in back at the collar and waist. A full back ensures that your jacket hangs nicely with no bunching so you're going to look good.

The die-hard tux guy would never take his jacket off until he was home with his feet up and a scotch in his hand. We understand though that you get sweaty on the dance floor, or at that sunset wedding in Florida and sometimes you want to take it off. The full back vest ensures that even when your jacket's off, you still look pretty darn sharp.


Buttons are always covered in the same fabric as the vest for a crisp, formal look.

You'll notice that some of our vests have five buttons while others have six. Five is a bit more classic but you'll be in style with either option.


Some vests have them, some don't. When they do, they're "besom" style which are flapless pockets. Don't think you're going to be able to stuff dinner rolls in them, they're usually sewn shut and are just for aesthetic purposes.

And Finally... A Note on Personal Style

Vests are an excellent way to show a bit of personal style in a sea of black and white. Our Custom Color Herringbone Vest has a subtle pattern and is available in a gazillion different colors for those of you who like to show your style but not stand out.

We have one of the web's largest collections of novelty vests like our Mardi Gras Tuxedo Vests or Tropical Tuxedo Vests that will have you fitting right in at themed weddings and galas.