About Tuxedo Shirts

There are many different tuxedo shirt styles. Here are a few to help you get started in your search for the perfect one:



This is a fine, synthetic fiber so it makes for a shirt that is lightweight and breathable. Whether you're dancing like crazy, or you're stuffed into a hot room full of people, you're going to feel cool and comfortable in a microfiber shirt.

Microfiber is also wrinkle resistant and holds its shape so even at the end of the night your shirt will look like it was just-pressed. And it's washable too.

100% Cotton

The quintessential tuxedo shirt fabric, natural cotton is soft and breathable so you'll be cool and comfortable all night long.

Cotton looks sensational with a professional pressing, but know that 100% cotton isn't going to look as good at the end of a long night as a shirt made from microfiber or a cotton blend - it will wrinkle. If you're looking for a stellar quality shirt and you're not going to be doing pull-ups during your formal event, this is a solid choice.

Pima Cotton

Pima is the finest cotton available and its ability to resist pilling or balling makes the shirt more durable and longer lasting than regular cotton. When you invest in a pima cotton shirt, you can be sure you're going to get years of wear out of it.

Pima Cotton Piqué

This is an ultra formal and very luxurious pima cotton shirt with a waffle like texture.

Cotton-Poly Blends

With a cotton-poly blend you get the best of both worlds - soft, breathable, good looking cotton, combined with the wrinkle-resistant qualities of polyester.

Collar Styles


This is the traditional stand up collar you're used to seeing in formalwear. It looks great with a standard necktie, an ascot style and of course a bow tie. Just remember with the bow tie to tuck those wings behind the tie. The wing collar is not in the least bit trendy so you'll always be in style.


Like the wing, but with a piece of fabric covering the back of the collar so your bow tie remains hidden. Very refined.


This collar is just like the one on your everyday dress shirt. While it's not considered trendy, it's particularly popular right now. If you watch the awards shows or read the magazines at the grocery check-outs (we know you do) you'll notice that all the guys are wearing them.


This is a very modern formal shirt and hey, you don't have to wear a tie! This collar style has a crossover configuration and it's best worn with a button cover.

  • See all Crosswick Collar Tuxedo Shirts.

This is like the wing collar - just without the wings. This band-style collar will give your formalwear a very updated and contemporary look and like the Crosswick: no ties allowed.


French Cuff

This is a wide cuff that is folded back and fastened with a cufflink instead of buttons. French cuffs are considered to be more formal than button cuffs so when you want to look super-sophisticated, this is the style for you.

By the way, lot of the so-called "French cuffs" on rental shirts are actually more like regular cuffs folded back on themselves and they don't look nearly as dapper as "real" French cuffs. Our French cuff shirts are the real deal.

If you choose a shirt with French cuffs, be sure to check out our cufflinks section with gold, silver and engraved styles.

Button Cuff

This is the "regular" cuff you probably have on most of your dress shirts. Sure, it's not as formal as a French cuff but it's still acceptable for any formal occasion so if you don't want to fiddle with cufflinks don't worry, you're going to look great in your button cuffs.

Plain and Pleat Front

Pleats make your tuxedo shirt a bit more formal than those with a plain front. The size of the pleats however is largely a matter of style. Half-inch pleats are most common but three-quarter inch pleats are a bold, sophisticated choice especially for big and tall guys.

Big and Tall

Speaking of big and tall, we offer a couple of shirts made specifically for big guys which are larger through the midsection, chest and arms, and tall guys which are are three to four inches longer than standard shirts so they stay tucked.

Take a look at the Big and Tall Laydown Collar and the Big and Tall Wing Collar for details. They go up to a 20" neck size and 38" sleeve.

Many of our other tuxedo shirts, while not cut specifically for big and tall, do come in extended sizes with necks up to 18.5" and sleeve lengths to 37".

Something Different

If, after you've decided on a fabric, a collar and a cuff style you still want something to subtly distinguish you from the rest, consider a herringbone tuxedo shirt with a finely textured pattern, or one with a bold black stripe.