About Ties and Cummerbunds


The Basics

The cummerbund is simply a tapered sash worn around your waist. Many of them are pleated, and you always wear the pleats facing "up".

Most of our cummerbunds are sold in sets and include a matching bow tie so the mixing and matching is done for you. Easy!


Our cummerbunds are available in silk, cotton and satin but most of our styles are made with microfiber like in our Tropical Birds Cummerbund and Bow Tie Set.

Any of these fabrics are solid choices for their formal look and luxurious feel, but microfiber and cotton are particularly nice because they're washable - so when you drip cheese dip on your cummerbund you can run to the sink and get clean fast.


Our cummerbunds are sized from a small to a 4XL so whether you have a 30 inch waist or a 61, we've got your size. The cummerbunds have a stretchy elastic belt that goes around the back of your waist so you can fine tune your fit for comfort and ultimate style.


Bow Ties

The most classic choice, the bow tie is appropriate with either a wing collar shirt or lay down collar and either a vest or a cummerbund.

Most bow ties are pre-tied and adjustable so there's no fussing with tying and fitting and they're perfect every time. Self-ties like our classic silk or the ultra formal white piqué are harder to handle but many guys think they're super-sophisticated look is worth the extra hassle.

Four in Hand

This is just like a regular necktie that you wear to the office. It is appropriate with either a wing collar shirt or lay down collar but it's a no-no with a cummerbund - vests only here.

Some of our neckties are available pre-tied such as the Silver Metro Necktie, while others are self-tie, like our Stars and Stripes Necktie.

Ascot or Cravat

With our Liz Claiborne Vest and Tie Set and Brandon Michael Vest and Tie Set you may choose an ascot as your tie option.

These are a very formal choice, left over from mid-nineteenth century fashion. They are worn with winged-collar shirts and usually with a cut-away coat. The scarf is tied with the broad ends laid flat, one across the other and is usually worn with a stickpin. Good thing for you, ours come pre-tied.