No Frills

Tuxedo Packages

The no frills dream purchase is one of our tuxedo packages, especially the Budget Tuxedo Package which is an easy, fast way to get all of your formalwear pieces at once and all for one low price.


Our Special Value Three-Button Tuxedo and the Special Value Two-Button Tuxedo fit you and your budget both coming in just over 200 bucks.

Tuxedo Shoes

For affordability, comfort and style check out our Synthetic Leather Tuxedo Shoes which have the high-shine of real patent leather without the hefty price tag. The best deal going is our Gently Used Tuxedo Shoes which have been rented a few times, but you're the only one who will know because they still look great.

Want More?

Check out our Budget Section filled with great deals on everything from cufflinks to vests and ties.