Classic Style Guide

Achieve a Traditional Look

A classic or traditional look will never go out of style. Here are a few tips on how to get the traditional look you want!


Single button and two button tuxedos just never go out of style. They look good on any guy whether you're short or tall, thin or wide. Invest in a quality tuxedo in this style and you'll look good wear after wear.


Both wing collars and lay down collar shirts are considered classic. Right now, the lay down collar is popular with Hollywood types but even when they move on to something else the lay down will still be a rock solid choice.

While pleated shirts may be a bit more formal than plain front shirts they are both traditional and you can't go wrong wearing either of them.

For a great classic look, consider a shirt with French cuffs. There's tons of style in those cuffs fastened with a cool pair of cufflinks.


One of our traditional tuxedo vests is a fairly classic choice but for the ultra traditional look get yourself a cummerbund and bow tie.

Tuxedo Shoes

A lot of classically styled tuxedo shoes are being made with a wider, square toe box these days but if you want the absolute super traditional look stick with a more pointed toe in a lace up or slip on style.