About Tuxedos

Our Fabric

100% Worsted Wool

Extra-long wool fibers are used to create this material that's super compact, soft, and smooth.This is the most popular choice for tuxedos because you can wear it year-round, it resists wrinkles for an always-sharp look, and the texture is soft and luxurious - just how you want your tux to feel.

Super 100's, 120's 140's

These numbers refer to a grading system for wool. Super 100's have 100 threads per square inch, super 120's have 120 threads per square inch and so on. The higher the number the more compact, soft and smooth the fabric. When you choose tuxedos made from this premium fabric you'll get a superb drape and silhouette.

Poly-Rayon Blend

This blend of man-made materials has a slight sheen to it and it is not as soft and luxurious as wool but you'll find it's a wrinkle-resistant champ. After a long night of sitting, standing, dancing or working you're still going to look fresh. Poly-Rayon is also an affordable subsitute to wool so if you're on a budget, this is an excellent choice.

Jacket Lapels

Notch Lapel

This is the style we offer on almost every tuxedo. It makes a "V" in the lapel just like a men's business suit.

Shawl Lapel

This rounded lapel is rolled back in a smooth, continuing line along the neckline of the tuxedo.

Jacket Closures

Double Breasted

These jackets cross-over the center to button so one half of the front panel laps over the other. If you're tall and thin this style will be particularly flattering.

One Button

This is a classic style and it looks good on any guy. If you choose to wear a vest, this style is going to show it off best when your jacket is buttoned.

Two Button

Like the single button, this is another very classic choice and it will never go out of style. The decision between one or two button really comes down to personal preference.

Three Button

The three button is a bit more fashion-forward than the single and double although we wouldn't call it trendy. We think it's going to be around for a while. Keep in mind that if you're wearing a vest underneath it's going to all but disappear when you're buttoned-up.

Four Button

This style is the most fashion-forward and it looks great on a medium to tall guy. Wear this style when you want a little something different.

Jacket Details

Besom Pockets

Pronounced BEE-zum, almost all tux jackets have these subtle flapless pockets trimmed with welting or reinforced stitching.


All of our tuxedo jackets are non-vented meaning there is no slit in the back of the jacket at the hem. It's a very tailored, formal look.

Covered Buttons

All of our tuxedos have buttons covered in coordinating fabric. It's a must-have for a sharp look.

Our Trousers

Satin Stripe

All of our tuxedo pants come with a satin stripe down the outside of the leg. It's the difference between a nice pair of black pants and a pair of tuxedo slacks.

Waist Size

We offer "exact waist" pants which is just like it sounds - you tell us your waist size and we'll send them along.

Many of our styles arrive with "adjustable waist" pants. An adjustable waist certainly doesn't mean one-size-fits all, so we'll still ask you for your waist size and we'll send a pair of pants that can be adjusted slightly larger or smaller. So, even if you put on a few pounds while on your cruise to the Bahamas your pants will still have a perfect fit.


All of our tuxedo slacks are lined to the knee. This helps prefect the annoying scratchy feeling that even fine wool can have against your skin. It also makes for a nice drape to the fabric. There will be no weird bunching or catching - it's a sharp look.


No matter which tuxedo you decide on, it will come with unfinished hems so you can get a perfectly tailored look. All you have to do is take them to your friendly neighborhood tailor and have them hemmed appropriately. Remember to bring your shoes along so the length is just right.