About Cufflinks and Studs

When to Wear

Cufflinks are only worn with French cuff tuxedo shirts. This is a wide cuff that is folded back and fastened with a cufflink instead of a button. French cuffs are considered to be more formal than button cuffs so when you want to look super-sophisticated wear your French cuffs and links.

The Story on Studs

Studs are simply ornamental buttons mounted on a short post. You just pop them through the eyelet where your shirt button would normally go and you'll take your dress shirt up a level instantly.

Choosing a Finish

If you already wear jewelry such as a watch or rings, look to those to help you choose between silver cufflinks and studs or gold cufflinks and studs.

Our sterling silver cufflinks and studs are a particularly posh choice in both subtle and trendy styles and engraved cufflinks are always a timeless choice that let's everyone know they're yours and not rentals!